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March 17, 2018, 05:19:51 PM

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Author Topic: Furaffinity SJW autism  (Read 500 times)

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Furaffinity SJW autism
« on: February 28, 2017, 07:39:53 AM »
So, FA appears to be run by SJW's now. I posted a journal on FA about 1.5 weeks ago, criticizing FA's policy on gender and tagging. You can find the contents here;

This was deleted, with FA citing hate-speech, and I was given a strike on that. I filed an Administrative Action trouble-ticket, basically asking exactly what the problem was with it; the moderator in question cited my use of the word 'Retarded', 'Autism', and 'Electro-Shock therapy', and something about 'a person's identity' - which is *retarded*, since the first two were clearly referring to ideas and not people, while the Electro-Shock therapy reference was also clearly a joke and not seriously maligning or disparaging anyone. I further asked for clarification, as they weren't explaining HOW at least the first two were disparaging towards any group, but the mod did not respond with anything meaningful. You can see the full content here:

So, I opened up ANOTHER trouble ticket, disputing THAT administrative action. Here's a transcript:

The color Blue is for my responses, Red[/quote] is for his.

02/28/17 07:02 am
One of my journals was removed for allegedly violating the following rule:

CoC 1.8 Do not engage in malicious speech.
This includes bigotry and disparaging remarks or content about anyone's race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, etc. This does not apply to fictional works.

Here is the content of said journal, if it is for some reason inaccessible:

And here is a copy of the ticket logs, if you cannot read it (the colored parts indicate the exchange):

The reasons cited were as follows;
The use of the word "Retarded"
The use of the word "Autism"
The use of the phrase "Electro-shock therapy".

I asked repeatedly for evidence of this; namely, I wanted them to name WHAT group was being maligned or disparaged, and HOW I was maligning or disparaging them. No group was specifically mentioned, however; the moderator in question refused to answer exactly who I was supposedly maligning, and how - they only mentioned something about 'identity', and they didn't even state how the use of those words in those contexts were disparaging to any particular identity. In any court of law, this would be a gross violation of 'Habeas Corpus', akin to condemning someone for murder without producing a cause of death or even the murdered victim; in the same way, the moderator did not show the group I allegedly maligned/disparaged, let alone the means by which I allegedly did so. Granted, Furaffinity is not a court of law, but the same principles apply; if a rule is broken, the accuser must show exactly how those rules were broken. The moderator clearly failed to do that, and on that grounds the strike and removal are invalid.

But, let's assume we're talking about transgender people - that's the closest I can figure from his use of the word 'identity'. So, let's review the contexts of the allegedly 'malignant' or 'disparaging' comments;

In the case of "Retarded", I was referring to Furaffinity's policy on gender and tags - specifically, rather than using anything meaningful like 'sex' in categorization, they used the whimsical and useless classification of 'gender' - something that has no grounding in reality and is entirely based in the mind of the character/author, and has nothing to do with what people actually look for when they select by category what they want to see. This statement does not mock anyone; it mocks ideas and policies. Fully supporting FA's policies in this regard is not a requisite to be transgender, and indeed has nothing to do with being transgender; it is, in short, ridiculous to claim that the use of this word is 'disparaging or malignant' towards transgender people.

The same applies to 'Autism'; again, it's calling Furaffinity's policy autistic, and is by no means disparaging or maligning transgender people. And, again - thinking the policy is autistic is not a requisite to being transsexual, those two things are unrelated. It's like accusing someone of racism against black people because they hate rap; you don't have to be black to like rap, and plenty of black people dislike rap.

As for the 'Electro-Shock therapy' comment, that is what we call a *joke*. No one reading that with even a shred of honesty would think I'm advocating that people with Gender Dysphoria should go get electro-shock therapy. Shoot, even if one did read it completely literally and assert that I was advocating for electro-shock therapy, nothing in my statement indicated it should be administered involuntarily; even if taken absolutely literally and humorlessly (ie, dishonestly), nothing about that statement indicates violent or ill will! In any case, it was not disparaging or malignant; it was a joke, and anyone reading it honestly would come to that conclusion. Are those jokes, therefore, against the rules? I should hope not; this would be an awfully boring place if humor were treated literally.

With all this in mind, I would like to have the strike removed from my profile, and for permission to re-post my journal as it originally was.

02/28/17 09:51 am
I would like to draw your attention to Section 1.5 of our Code of Conduct:

Do not be disrespectful to site staff or abuse the trouble ticket system.
Our staff is currently made up of volunteers who perform duties that are difficult and time consuming. Please refrain from needless harassment, insults, and arguing as it interferes with the ability for staff to perform their duties. Furthermore, please refrain from contacting staff via notes, shouts, comments or offsite communication about FA-related issues and instead use the Trouble Ticket system. Do not misrepresent site policies or any actions staff have made.

Trouble ticket abuse includes opening multiple tickets for the same issue and re-opening tickets after a ruling was made by an Administrator after escalation. Do not encourage others to open Trouble Tickets en masse - one ticket is sufficient.

You already received a ruling on a dispute of this removal, and that ruling stands: You may repost the journal IF you eliminate the problem sections.
Continuing to argue with this administrative decision may result in further action being taken against your account.

[system]: Closing the ticket.

02/28/17 10:14 am
I did not disrespect the site staff; I disagreed with them.

I did not abuse the trouble ticket system; I was accused of something, and the mod in question could not provide basic Habeas Corupus and show where and how I violated the rules when I opened a trouble ticket disputing administrative action. I made another trouble ticket when that occurred, disputing the administrative action there, and now it's STILL being rebuffed.

Please, I'm not trying to be a pain in the butt; just state plainly and clearly exactly WHAT group I supposedly disparaged/maligned, and exactly HOW my post disparaged/maligned them. If it's so cut-and-dried, you should be able to do that.

[system]: User reopened the ticket.

Fortunately this is a different mod; I hope they're more reasonable than the other. For reference, the first mod was Chase (the one that refused to give any real justification for the ticket) and the now-open ticket was with quoting_mungo; we'll see how this goes.

In the meantime, I do have some... well, let's call it recourse. I'll see how the moderators respond. If they can pull their collective heads out of their asses and realize I was disparaging *ideas* rather than *protected classes of people*, I'll be able to drop it.