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How to Export Favorites from Microsoft Edge

When I first upgraded to Windows 10, I was reluctant to use the new Microsoft Edge that came with it. I was a true die-hard FireFox girl and really didn't want to try anything else, especially something else made by Microsoft(can you tell how I feel about Microsoft?). Well, not too long ago, FireFox started slowing down for me, after a page loaded I had to wait for about 3-5 seconds before I could click on any link. I don't know if it was FireFox itself, or just my POS laptop, but needless to say, this wasn't working for me. So, I decided to give Edge a try. 

At first I was actually impressed. It was fast! So, saying a tearful goodbye to FireFox, I switched browsers. Everything went great for a while, then I started noticing that the longer that Edge was open, the slower it got. Then a few days ago, it really started bugging out. It would suddenly crash and close down probably 4-5 times a day or more. Welp. Back to FireFox! I would rather have a slowish browser than one that keeps crashing!

Unfortunately by then, I had accumulated quite a few book marks in Edge. Ok, no problem, I'll either export them to an HTML file and import that into FireFox, or I'll import them into FireFox directly. Not as easy as I thought. 1. Edge does not have an export option! Apparently they do not want you to change browsers(big suprise for Microsoft [/sarcasm]). 2. FireFox has the option to import from Edge. Didn't work for me. All it did was create a folder 'Imported from Edge' and it was empty!

So here I am wracking my brain trying to figure out how to retrieve my precious bookmarks and I start googling. I type in the search term 'export bookmarks from Edge' but the ONLY results were for IMPORTING bookmarks INTO Edge! I'm not joking. It wasn't until going through about 5-6 pages of results that I finlly found a result from a person wanting to export from Edge also. One of the replies to this post had the answer!

The answer is: 


This nifty little piece of a program does all sorts of things including exporting your Edge favorites into an HTML file so you can then import that into other browsers!
It's a free clean download and once you install it(there is even a link on the site you can just get the files to use it without installing anything) the program loads all your Edge favorites.

Board image

From there, you just click on Data->Export to HTML file

Board image

Choose where you want to save it to(if that is your browsers setting). Just remember where you saved it!
Then just import that file into the browser that you want them in and your done!

I only explained the export feature because that is what I was wanting to do, but there are many more features for those of you that still want to use Edge but want more control over your favorites. 

You can get this program here:

This page also explains some of the other features too.
Hope you find this as helpful as I did! 

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